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We at the Bitwork Labs developed various kind of software products for diverse sectors like MedAssist HIS for healthcare sector, school and college management software for education sector and ERP and CRM and other software for ecommerce sectors.

Our aim at Bitwork Labs is to increase accessibility to technology and offer personalized solutions to our clients. We specialize in custom software development, cloud computing, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. With a team of skilled professionals, we are committed to achieving the highest possible outcomes for our clients. Our focus is on creating innovative and advanced solutions that support the growth of our clients’ businesses.

Easy to customize

Our software products are easily customizable and allow users to make changes and modifications to suit their specific needs and requirements. We offer a flexible interface that can be tailored to fit different user preferences without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

24/7 Support

We serve 24/7 support to offer assistance and troubleshooting help to users at any time, day or night. We have a dedicated support team available round the clock to answer questions, resolve issues, and provide technical support whenever needed.

User Friendly

Our experts develop user-friendly software that is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. It would have clear navigation, easy-to-understand menus, and simple interfaces that make it easy for users to access the software’s functionality.

Awesome Design

Our software products with an awesome design would have an attractive and visually appealing interface. It would incorporate a clean and modern design, with high-quality graphics and animations that provide a pleasant user experience.

MedAssist :- Hospital Management Software

Managing a hospital and streamlining its operations can be a demanding task. However, with Bitwork Labs’ versatile hospital management software, the process can be simplified and the efficiency of the hospital can be improved. We are serving one of the best custom software services across the country.

Patient Management

The Hospital Management Software enables healthcare providers to access patient data in real-time, facilitating informed decisions and improved care.

Ward Management

This module is one of the most important module of a hospital system. You can easily know how many beds are available in the emergency ward.

Doctor Scheduling

HIS helps to schedule doctors and grants doctors and nurses access to medical histories, test results, and current medication of patients for treatment.

OPD Scheduling

Utilizing an effective hospital management system can greatly simplify all aspects of hospital operations. It easily manages the out patient department(OPD)

Pathology Module

This department holds all kind of pathological test content like reports. Any patient can take their test report via phone.


MedAssist holds the feature of In-patient Department managementand provides a well connected integration of billing, tests reports, procedures, etc.


MedAssist can provide pharmacy management module to manage the inventory, handling admission and discharge billing and insurance of any patients.

Billing & Invoice

MedAssist helps to manage the patient's admission, treatment, medicines and discharge and many more billing and invoices time to time.

Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy management software is designed specifically for pharmacies to help them to manage their day-to-day operations. It can help with tasks such as managing inventory, processing prescriptions, and handling customer information.

  • This Software allows pharmacists to enter and manage prescriptions, including details like dosage, frequency, and refills.
  • It helps pharmacists track inventory levels, monitor expiration dates, and automatically reorder medications when necessary.
  • It allows pharmacists to store and manage patient information, including prescriptions, medical history, and allergies.
  • It checks for potential interactions between medications, alerting pharmacists to potential problems and ensuring patient safety.

Pathology Management Software

Bitwork Labs developed Pathology management software specifically for pathology laboratories to help them manage their day-to-day operations. It can help with tasks such as sample tracking, test result management, and billing.

  • It allows pathologists to track the location and status of samples as they move through the laboratory, from collection to analysis to storage.

  • It allows pathologists to manage test results and generate reports for physicians and patients.

  • This software has features to manage billing and invoicing for laboratory services, including insurance claims and payment processing.
  • It helps ensure the accuracy and quality of laboratory testing by tracking quality control samples and monitoring equipment performance.

Online appointment Software

We at Bitwork Labs offer an online appointment software that is a tool that allows healthcare organizations to manage patient’s appointments and bookings online. It can help hospitals streamline their scheduling process, reduce no-shows, and provide better service to their patients.

  • This software allows patients to book appointments online through a website or mobile app.
  • Online appointment software is to help clinics and hospitals to schedule and manage appointments with their patients.

College Management Software

College management software is  designed to help educational institutions manage their daily operations more efficiently. This software typically includes features such as student information management, attendance tracking, grade tracking, scheduling, billing and payment management, and reporting capabilities. This college management software may also include modules for library management, hostel management, and transportation management.

By using college management software from Bitwork Labs, educational institutions can streamline their administrative processes and improve communication between faculty, staff, and students. The software can also help to reduce errors and increase accuracy in tracking and reporting of student data, grades, and attendance.

Overall, college management software can help educational institutions to operate more efficiently, save time and resources, and provide better services to their students.

School Management Software

School management software is designed by the experts of Bitwork Labs to help educational institutions or schools to manage their daily operations more efficiently. This software typically includes a range of features to help schools streamline their administrative processes and improve communication between faculty, staff, and students.

Here You Get Some Features to Operate School System Better: 

  1. Student Information Management
  2. Attendance Tracking
  3. Gradebook Management
  4. Scheduling
  5. Fee Management
  6. Reporting
  7. Library Management
  8. Hostel Management

CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is a technology developed by Bitwork Labs that helps businesses to manage their interactions with customers and potential customers.

Here are some common uses of CRM software:

  1. Contact Management
  2. Sales Management
  3. Marketing Automation
  4. Customer Service
  5. Analytics and Reporting

CRM software can help businesses build stronger relationships with their customers by providing a centralized platform for managing customer interactions and data.

HR Management Software

Human resource management (HRM) software is designed by the expert team of Bitwork Labs to help businesses manage their human resources and related processes. It can be used by HR departments to manage employee data, track attendance, manage payroll, and automate other HR processes.

  • It allows HR departments to store and manage employee information, including personal details, employment history, and performance evaluations.
  • HR departments is able to track employee attendance and manage leave requests, including sick leave, vacation time, and other types of absences.
  • It allows HR departments to manage employee compensation, including calculating payroll, generating payslips, and processing taxes and deductions.
  • It allows HR departments to manage the recruitment process, from posting job listings to conducting interviews, as well as onboarding new hires.
  • It allows HR departments to manage employee training and development programs, including tracking employee skills and competencies and delivering training materials.
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